South Aria Arvand REFINERY

1- Introduction

Khuzestan refinery is to be located in an industrial zone of Khuzestan province, some 7km to the north of Abadan city. It is situated between Abadan- Ahvaz and jhian channel (mared channel) road. The site line inside the Arvand free trade zone. This feasibility study assesses the viability of building a new Refinery providing a financial analysis for the project. Accommodate international size crude and product shipping. Pipeline to the refinery will be established. In the region there are extensive industrial activities, which include the first refinery to be built in Iran, the 460,000 bpd Abadan oil refinery. The infrastructure and communication system are good and well established.
The refinery configuration has vigilantly optimized to process the domestic extra heavy crude, Azadegan and Yadavaran. These crude due to their viscous and high Sulphur nature are very low-cost.
The project will have the benefit of significant support from the Islamic government of Iran and oil Ministry . This support takes, a guaranteed discount on the crude oil supply price, tax free operation for the life of the project.
The total feed to the refinery will be 180,000 bpd of Azadegan and Yadavaran crude.

Off Site and Facility:

• Tankage for receiving of Feed, Intermediate & Product
• Product Loading and Unloading Facility
• Raw Water Reservoir
• Fire Fighting Ring and Fire Fighting Pump Station
• Flare package and Flaring System
• Efficient treatment Unit
• Sanitary Waste Water Collected System
• Lighting, Cathodic Protection
• Telephone, CCTV, paging

Civil Works:

• Process area steel structure
• Process area equipment foundation
• Process area pipe rack
• Trench and Culvert
• Access Way and Landscaping
• Paving, Finish Grading & Fencing
• Access way, sidewalk, Green Area


• Central Control and Control rooms
• MCC and Substructure Room(s)
• Laboratory & Analyzer Building
• Guard House
• Office, Restaurant, Guard & Locker Building
• Maintenance Work Shop & Warehouse
• Chemical

OBL(onsite batter…..):

• Road
• Feedstock Pipeline
• Power Supply (Electricity)
• Water Supply (Electricity)
• Water Supply
• Fuel Gas Supply


Basis for engineering development and supplying of Khuzestan Oil Refinery Project from light crude oil will be designing to 180,000 BPD Feed accordance to following processes description and relevant BFD,s.


Basic Engineering Design Package has been prepared based on the Process Units licensed by following Licensors.
• Axens
• Technip (KTI)
• Haldor Topsoe
• UOP Limited


This report is of the engineering and process design of the proposed oil refinery for Iran. This engineering and process design was completed as a part of a department of energy funded feasibility study. The process design will establish the process and equipment requirements for a refinery to process the crude oil available in Iran. The capital and operating costs for such a refinery will be estimated based on the process design.
The process design is based on the analytical and production data generated for the crude oils available for processing in the Iran reservation. The objective of the process design is to determine the quantity and quality of the products which can be produced. The major equipment units which will be necessary to complete the processing and to establish a basis for determining the potential economics of a refinery project.
The process design of the proposed refinery takes advantage of some innovative process schemes which became possible based on the analytical properties of the Feedstock. A block process flow diagram was developed which identified the required process units. A detailed process flow diagram developed for each of the process units. The design and product parameters were evaluated for each process unit.
Based on the design information and the infrastructure requirements a site plan was developed for the proposed refinery. A potential location was selected and available utilities were identified.
The predicted products from each process unit were combined to project a product state for the refinery. A product state is a tabulation of the product types and quantities produced by the refinery. The product state is used to forecast the potential revenues from the refinery.
Finally, with all off the design information compiled, estimates of the capital and operating costs of the proposed refinery were determined.


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