About Us

Arya Arvand Oil, is a steady reality that works closely with well-known   companies around Europe and Middle East in many economic and industrial sectors, such as, Oil & Gas, solar energy, petro-refinery, financial services and even retail and goods. This company’s projects cover a vast variety of aspects including, consulting, trading and sourcing services, etc. Our successful and ongoing “South Aria Arvand Refinery” project is a remarkable example of this company’s commitment and capabilities.

We believe that our duty as an international company is not just to provide a service or a certain product; it is to build a stable relationship based on trust, integrity, and respect. Therefore, we are always careful to provide to our clients the technical and logistic support they need throughout the development of their project.

Our Chairman, Mr. Saeid Barkhoda with 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur, international businessman and local manufacturer has contributed extremely to the Trading & Consulting world. He has collaborated with various national and international companies, and has overseen many major projects; thus has built a reliable and professional network in the Middle East.


Our vision is to create innovative new projects that are socially responsible yet profitable for both parties. We are highly dedicated to establish a deep and valued relationship worldwide by providing an excellent service and offering superior advice to our clients.



Our mission is to become one of the most well-known and most reliable team of experts in the world of refinery, oil and gas, as well as solar energy; furthermore, by creating new business opportunities and the use of our knowledge and expertise, make a significant difference in the near future.



Our philosophy is simple: Placing the client’s interest ahead of our own, since we believe that a successful international business is built on a strategy that offers a satisfactory situation to the both sides of the contract. Dignity, honesty, and use of the professionals who follow international rules and regulations is what we consider value in this company.

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